Epro Australia has developed a remote control / monitoring system that provides complete off-site management of industrial plants. Access via Madison 3G modem installed at plant. VPN software for secure connection is installed on remote computers with internet access. When remote computer is link to site, plant overviews, status, levels, flow rates, motor currents, real time logging, faults, trend pages are displayed and full remote control of plant if required.

An SMS messages can be sent to a plant operator or supervisors mobile phone to notify of faults etc. Operator can then diagnose and reset faults from a remote computer. This system also has the ability to setup remote cameras for visual monitoring of plants or security purposes.

A premium product at a very affordable price.

spar-key – Electrical Switchboard Key

$_57Epro Australia has designed & manufactured a high quality electrical switchboard key that will fit most electrical enclosures within Australia and overseas. Its heavy duty zinc die-cast construction also doubles as a bottle opener and comes with a key ring attachment.

The key is designed to fit both 5mm double barb and 6-8mm square head spindle locks.

The spar-key is a very handy tool which can be attached to your key chain and fits comfortably in your pocket ensuring you always have a switchboard key for quick access.

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